Can Rahul make the Cut?

21 October 2018

In the Two public meetings on Saturday that held in Nirmal and Sangareddy districts, Congress president, Rahul Gandhi could not make a cut. Even the state Congress leaders got a bit disappointed with the script what he used for his speech as he failed to touch a lot of important topics in his discourse. He could not attract or convince the crowds why should they elect him and his party. The highlight is, he even miserably forgot to claim that how his Congress party fought and brought the separate Telangana State.  On top of it, Rahul did not even properly establish or point out the failures of KCR and TRS party from the past Four years.


He apparently read out the script that was stuffed out with what Congress would do if it is voted to power. He kept on talking about his favorite Rafeal deal and he totally missed talking about the local issues. As a result, there was no much applause from the public. Another highlight is, there a loud response and applause to the Telangana Congress leader Revanth’s speech from during the same meetings. He better explained than Rahul Gandhi about the Gandhi family and their sacrifices. Rahul was even clearly dominated by another local leader and Kodangal MLA during his speech from the same dais after Rahul leaving the other congress men like PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy and Vijaya Shanthi into an odd situation. So, time will show what is the end result.

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