North-South feeling of Pawan Kalyan , just for publicity - TDP

9 May 2017

First of all, an important feeling called “national integrity” is gradually fading out among the Citizens across the country. It was a widely used term until 15-20 years ago. Both the Media and people started using lesser and lesser as the time passes on. And now the position of this very word is at stake. In the place of National Integration, regionalism is growing more and more among the people and the political leaders are the main culprits to grow this attitude in the people during the recent times. The north-south division is also one of the anti-national feelings which has been there since the British rule. Time to time, this has always been surfaced in various occasions in North and South as well.


Now it is Power Star’s turn, he recently has gone too irrational on north-south feeling. On Monday, Pawan Kalyan started the controversy north-south division by questioning the recent appointment of Anil Kumar Singhal, a 1993 batch IAS officer who is appointed as the Executive Officer of the Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams (TTD).


Taking Twitter as the platform, Pawan Tweeted that "I am not against 'North Indian IAS' officials taking charge of TTD. But would they allow any South Indian' to take up the administrative position of such sacred shrine of Northern India like "Amaranath, Varanasi and Mathura etc.." So when they (North Indians) don't allow South Indians head such position, why should South Indians accept this?” He also asked that why the AP CM allowed it to happen? Pawan demanded an explanation from the state’s leadership.


TDP has immediately gave a counter on this stating that Pawan has nothing to do with this and he is simply making it an issue to carve his publicity. TDP spokes person Varla Ramaih also asked Pawan not to divide the country into South and North. He advised the Jana Sena Chief not to divide the country as South and North.


It is better not try for a political mileage at the cost of national integration.

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