Pawan Kalyan contests from Anantapur

16 May 2017


Jana Sena Leader and Power Star,Pawan Kalyan has conducted a meeting on Sunday with 150 research members, those are recently got selected for variety of posts including content writers and speakers, especially from Ananthapur district. During this meeting, Pawan Kalyan has officially announced that he will contest from Anantapur and also he has decided to expand the party in order to have more focus and give support to the public grievances. Pawan is also going to make a 3-day pada yatra across the Anantapur district. Pawan also answered to one of the questions from the press that he has always been active in the politics and molding himself as a full time politician. He also added that no one in politics is a fill-time politician and most of them are busy in earning thousands and crores but he is not that kind of politician.







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