Nayeem Chapter close?

30 December 2016

The huge buzz on slain gangster Nayeem and the huge cry to reveal the details on Nayeem contacts by political parties all were put to rest by Telangana Government.


Telangana Government told the Hyderabad High Court that all the rumors on Nayeem diary are false and the reports of Nayeem having ties with policemen and politicians was not correct. Telangana Government filed affidavit denying all the links between Nayeem and police and political parties and mentioned that Special Investigation Team is still investigating the gangster’s activities. Telangana Government also ruled out Naxal ties with Nayeem and ruled out CBI investigation as there are no national or international ramifications to it.


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Earlier there were several reports in Media that Nayeem operated freely for these many years in the state only because of his connections with police bosses and political leaders. The names of Uma Madhava Reddy, R Krishnaiah from TDP, Neti Vidyasagar, Jitta Balakrishana Reddy, Mahncireddy Kishan Reddy from TRS, Komitireddy Rajagopal Reddy, Sudhir Reddy from Congress came out in the media. Coming to Police, allegations on V Dinesh Reddy and Sriram Tiwari also surfaced along with several local police officers of Nalgonda district.


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Telangana Government denied the allegations that they just conducting the probe as an eye-wash activity to save political leaders and policemen. Govenrnment said that the enquiry is still going as many people are coming up before SIT to reveal the facts. Telangana Government said that it is being revealed that Nayeem acquired land and properties in Telangana and neighbouring state on his name and on benami person names.


Principal Home Secretary for Telangana, Rajiv Trivedi filed this affidavit on behalf of Telangana Government. With this affidavit, it is clear that there won’t’ be any sensational breaking stuff that will be coming out of Nayeem’s encounter. 


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