Nandyala byelections - Jagan is in a tough spot?

8 August 2017

Nandyala by-elections are creating lot of political friction in Andhra Pradesh. This election is going to become a referendum to the upcoming general elections. Jagan has been too seriously working in election campaign and he is thinking that this is just a do or die situation for him and YSRCP. His party leaders had some confidence on their party’s winning until the last week’s public meeting conducted by YSRCP.


Jagan has totally gone hyper during his speech in the meeting, the language what he used against Chandra babu has already ignited a rage among Nandyala people on him and his party. On top of it, YCP’s MLA, Roja also initiated an ugly conversation, commenting on Bhuma Akhila Priya’s dressing. Though Roja pretends to be so serious while commenting on Akhila Priya, people in no time understood that whatever she commented is just a nonsense and she just tried to create something out of vacuum. Her comments against Priya have already backlashed and bringing more headaches to the opposition party and its leader. Anti-Jagan slogans are gaining momentum day by day in this region. As per the Political Pundits, Shilpa Mohan Reddy may fade in front of the sentiment that has been gained strength on the Bhuma family after the death of Shobha & Bhuma Nagireddy. As usual, time gives more clarity as it passes on.

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