Modi-Chandrababu - set to meet

7 January 2018

It’s been One year since the AP CM met with PM Narendra Modi. This is certainly a considerable time gap which doesn’t have to be occurred under normal circumstances. However, the reasons are not evident. Now, this meeting has been finally scheduled to happen on January 12th. The agenda is set, this meeting is to discuss the long-time-pending issues that are the part of AP State Reorganization Act.


As per the political circles, CM Naidu might discuss few important pending items like Special Railway Zone to the AP State, financial assistance to Amravati, releasing of special status funds, more allocations in the union budget etc. And also, both the leaders may touch few more important topics like the current political scenario across the country, continuation of the BJP-TDP alliance etc. Nevertheless, Central government seems to be more cautions as the extension of their help to the state may end-up by giving credit to the AP government, instead of BJP scoring marks to itself from the public.


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