KCR is just 63, younger than many ministers - KTR

26 April 2017

KTR recently stated that he has no interest of becoming the Chief Minister of Telangana until next 10 years. He said that his father K Chandrashekara Rao would continue as the chief minister for at least another 10 years. KTR added that “The CM is just 63 year old now and also he is younger than many other ministers and party MLAs in the state and across the country. KTR emphasized that the newly formed Telangana state needs such a chief minister who will do what he says and who is the only capable person of making the state as ‘Bangaru Telangana’.” The statement came among the reports that KTR may be named TRS president ahead of the the party’s plenary that started on Friday in Kompally.


On the other hand, Congress party had invited his cousin and minister, Tanniru Harish Rao to join the party in case he is kept in the loop line within the TRS party. Allegedly, “in spite of his relationship as a nephew to the CM, he has been allegedly isolated and ignored in party”, a Congress leader said. But apparently, Harish Rao also denied these allegations on him stating that he will continue as a loyal member of the TRS party. Harish Rao stated that he wants to see KCR continue as the CM for the next 20 years.


With all these statements, few other party leaders are murmuring that, KCR’s family has completely took over the Telangana state and they will not let the power go out of their hands for at least next 3 generations. 

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