Time for DS to quit TRS? – Kavitha’s effect

28 June 2018

Few personalities could never be fit with TRS party. Senior politician, D Srinivas is also one of the misfits in the party.  Since the day he jumped from Congress party to TRS, he hardly faced any welcoming gesture from any of the big heads of TRS. He kind of experienced a total isolation in the party. People people around him commenting that for his stature, being the former President of combined Andhra Pradesh Congress Party, former MLA of the United AP, having been in different portfolios of AP cabinet and Rajya Sabha member, his current position in TRS is not at all worthy.


On top of it, KCR’s daughter and Nizamabad MP, Kalvakuntla Kavitha on Wednesday morning, wrote a letter to KCR requesting to take a disciplinary action against D Srinivas, passing allegations on him stating that DS is provoking other leaders to join other parties and also his family members joined other parties without a proper protocol.



The sad part is, DS sought an appointment with KCR to give him an explanation. His appointment was scheduled with CM on Wednesday, but just before his meeting, he got a call from Pragati Bhavan, cancelling the appointment stating that KCR is busy and he cannot meet him. CMO office told DS that they will try to srechedule it for Thursday which actually may not happen as KCR is going to Vijayawada to have a darshan of Goddess Kanaka Durga to present a diamond “mukku pudaka” to the deity as a party of his “mokku” at the time of state’s division.



DS is obviously disappointed with these things and sources said DS will however will be doing his own exercise in order to take his own course of action. He is planning to quit TRS to go back to his home party where he can gain his weightage back in Congress.


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