Good News for Government Employees of Telugu States

24 December 2016

Atlast, the continues misery for the government employees in both the Telugu States, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is going to end. Very soon, both the Telangana and AP governments will sign an agreement to swap the employees that will enable employees to work for their respective states. 


Even though it’s been around 3 years after the bifurcation of Telugu states, employee division between the two states is not done. There were many cases filed in High Court regarding the same and the respective employee associations are fighting for the same for a long time. A committee headed by Kamalanathan is constituted to oversee the division of staff between the states. As most of the state employees want to work for their own home states and has given that as their first option to relocation, number of posts and vacancies available will be taken into consideration for this purpose in both the states. 

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