Are all parties ready in AP for early polls?

26 April 2017

Few days back, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister asked his ministers to get prepared for elections.  During the TDP Coordinate committee meeting, Chandrababu mentioned that party should be ready to face elections at any time.  He even mentioned that he will allot his time after 6 pm every day to look after party affairs.


Chandrababu Naidu suddenly speaking about elections and focusing more on Party activities raised eyebrows of many especially when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea of “One Nation one election” is doing rounds.  Narendra Modi is of the opinion that country is loosing crores of money for repeated elections and stressed the need for conducting and State and Lok Sabha elections at once. Many states welcomed the idea. President Pranab Mukerjee is also said to be backed the idea and already discussions are going on in the election commission chambers regarding the same.


Well, coming back to state, one need to see how good are all parties prepared if the are early elections in Andhra Pradesh. Congress which is still buried deep under the ground in AP doesn’t see any hope. There is no proper leader in AP who can revive congress in state. Mega Star Chiranjeevi too is focusing more on his career and television commitments than the state politics. Rumors are rife that Chiranjeevi many not contest elections now. Next is YSR Congress Party. YS Jagan is still coping up with the situation after many of his MLA jumped in to ruling TDP.  Even though he is confident of doing good in Rayalaseema region he is still looking back to win the coastal Andhra regions. He is defenately not backed by good crowd pulling leaders in his party. He is sole leader who is recoginised thorugh out AP.


YS Sharmila, Sister of Jagan is out of party’s activities.  MLA Roja who is vocal against ruling government especially lokesh and chandrababu Naidu too may not be able to make the difference. It is being said that sensing early polls YSR CP already roped in political startergists from Delhi to work for the party and to create a roadmap for success in next elections.


Last comes is Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena Party. People are still confused is Pawan Kalyan would be able to withstand the political game or will end up like his brother Chiranjeevi. Many political analysts say Pawan Kalyan has huge youth following and he can make the difference especially seen as an alternative to YS Jagan in Coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.  Pawan Kalyan is lately vocal against people’s problems and spoke against state and central governments especially special status and regional problems in coastal districts. Even though he didn’t criticized Chandrababu directly , analysts felt that he is just waiting for the right opportunity to corner Chandrababu and TDP government. This might happen just before few months of elections.  Another problem with Jana Sena is again no known leader with party, no proper party structure. Jana Sena is still in the process setting up district level party offices and bearers. Pawan Kalyan  declared that he would look at young leaders who are clean and would not encourage leaders who are looking to switch parties just before elections.


Anyways, this would be a interesting race if there are early elections in the state. Party which is well prepared, well organized , have clear strategy will make it to the finish lane

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