Chiranjeevi plans to quit politics?

22 October 2018

Nothing official, but this actor turned politician, Megastar Chiranhjeevi did not renew his Congress Party Membership which expired recently. Chiranjeevi’s Rajya Sabha term completed a few months ago and he did not renew his term. Looks like is in a mood or not to burn his hands any more in politics.


Currently, the Congress party is in a do or die mode to win the battle during the upcoming general elections in both the Telugu States. While Chiru’s younger brother, Pawan Kalyan is busy with his own party, Jana Sena in the AP State, public has been anticipating Chiru’s support to his brother. But he continued his association with the Congress party until now. Also, as per the public talk, Chiru is keeping himself away from all the political activities since a considerable amount time.


Chiranjeevi worked as a star campaigner to the Congress party in the bifurcated AP during the 2014 elections. But, out of 175 places, 165 contestants lost even their deposits in the state. Since then, Chiranjeevi slowly coming out of full-time politics. After that he reappeared into films with 'Khaidi No 150’ and now currently busy with his next high budget movie, ‘Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy'.


Nevertheless, the questions remain open ended, whether Chiranjeevi will completely quit politics or just Congress Party. Back in some time, there were also plenty of rumors floated around that Chiranjeevi was looking towards Telugu Desam Party. Also, there is no clarity on how his take is going to be with Pawan Kalyan and ‘Jana Sena’ in the coming days.

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