Naidu to teach Poverty abolition techniques to Sri Lanka

23 December 2016

Usually, our Chief Ministers visiting foreign countries to study certain development activities is not an uncommon thing and some foreign government bodies sending invitations to our CMs for specific events is also common. Nonetheless, other countries inviting our Chief Ministers requesting to address their nation and that too wishing them to teach their citizens on the economic development techniques is very rare but also a rate honor that any CM could get.

AP CM Chandrababu has received this rare honor now when the Sri Lankan’s Prime Minister wrote an invitation letter to Chandrababu, asking him to address his nation on the poverty eradication methods. Sri Lankan PM also appreciated Babu's developmental schemes to better village administration and his schemes like pension, food processing and Amaravati constructions etc. And also the Silone PM wished to maintain a strong tie-up between the AP state and his country.

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