Telangana is BJP’s next target

26 April 2017

With ‘Modi Magic’ sweeping across the country  and winning all elections state by state, BJP has declared that getting into power in Telangana is their next target. With latest win in Delhi municipal elections, BJP is now confident that people are giving their mandate to the ruling NDA government and are believing in Narendra Modi’s programs. Many analysts thought that old note ban would hurt the government bad but recent assembly elections proved otherwise.


Union Minister Hansraj Gangaram Ahir too declared that BJP is not ready for Telangana polls.  He said that BJP is the only party in Telangana which is now an alternative to TRS. He said that under the leadership of Modi, they don’t’ think it is difficult to win to Telangana.


Reports are rife in political circles that BJP will go all alone for assembly elections. Telangana Telugu Desam party was hoping for a combine fight but looks like BJP has decided to go solo. Telangana Telugu Desam president Revanth Reddy too acknowledged the fact that BJP might not tie up with them. He experessed his concern with Party President chandrababu Naidu too and mentioned that BJP is following a different strategy when it comes to Telangana. Even though TDP is a part of NDA government and are working along with BJP in Andhra Pradesh, in all possibility it’s more or less decided to snap ties with TDP in Telangana for coming elections.  It is being said that Chandrababu Naidu promised Revanth Reddy that he will speak with Amit Shah and would give freedom if it doesn’t work out.


BJP is cleverly formulating their election strategies for the next Lok Sabha elections. State by state , BJP is consolidating it’s position. Winning Karnataka , Telangana is BJP first priority and are looking in to fill the political vacuum in Tamil Nadu. BJP already formed government in Goa.


With Narendra Modi and Amit Shah having clear goals to achieve in the coming years, it’s almost impossible for any party to stop NDA coming to power again in 2019 elections. 

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