AP Chief Minister meets with Google and Apple

7 May 2017

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu had a busy time in meeting officials from top notch companies like Google, Inc and Apple, Inc on day-2 in the US.


Babu met with the Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams and told him that this is the right time to invest in India and especially in Andhra Pradesh as the state has just begun to build from scratch with great resources and infrastructure facilities. He always explained Mr. Williams about the state’s ‘ease of doing business’ atmosphere. 


On the other hand, Google X, a premier Research &Development laboratory of Google Inc. based out of California has come forward to take the internet services up to the villages. Naidu met with the Google X CEO, Astro Teller, who showed the innovations that are taking place in his laboratory during his presentation to Mr. Naidu during the latter’s visit to the Google X facility at Mountain View.


Babu also met with Gopi Sirineni, Vice-president of Qualcomm Technologies, Russ Drinker, Director of M Moser Associates, Padmasri Warrior, founder of NIO electric vehicle company and former CTO of CISCO and Motorola, Sridhar Vembu, founder of Zoho Corporation. And also AP signed Government signed MOUs with I-Bridge Inc, Innova Solutions and Evx soutions on day-2. These MoUs are expected to provide at least 12K jobs in the state.

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