Dilsukhnagar Bomb Blasts: Yasin Bhatkal sentenced to death

19 December 2016

Most of the Indians do think that the victims of any Islamic terrorist act in India receive a very delayed justice due to the lengthy legal procedures. People always request the governments to expedite the investigating processes and court proceedings against any caught terrorists instead of maintaining them in the prisons by providing a luxurious day to day life in terms of treatment and comforts. The same delays happened in executing the notorious Pakistani terrorists like Ajmal Kasab, Yasin Bhatkal etc. While Kasab was executed after  a 5 long year trial, Yasin is now finally received the verdict of death sentence, ofcource, after 4 plus years after he committed blasts in Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad during the years, 2010, 2012 and 2013 respectively, killing 150 people all together.

NIA special public prosecutor, K. Surender explained on Monday that four of the provisions under which the five men were convicted in the Dilsukhnagar blast case has the death penalty as punishment. Public Prosecutor, Surender said that, “ “The court has found that the accused planned, implemented and executed, going from one place to another, resorting to bombing in a cruel manner. The court also took into account that the accused had no remorse nor did they show any signs of repentance. It is pre-planned murder of people. However, the judiciary has giving some sort of assurance to the common public Bhatkal.


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