Telugu Doctor killed in US

15 September 2017

Telugu Doctor was stabbed to death in Wichita, Kansas state of United States of America on Wednesday evening. Police identified the doctor as N Achutha Reddy of Holistic Psychiatric Services. Dr Achutha Reddy graduated from medical school in Osmania, India in 1986. He did an internship at St. Louis University in 1994 and his residency at the Kansas University School of Medicine-Wichita in 1998. He’s practiced in Wichita for more than two decades and started with Comcare before opening his own practice in 2003.
A 21-year-old client of Reddy’s is accused of stabbing him multiple times in the alley behind Reddy’s office Wednesday evening, according to the Wichita Police Department. The alleged assailant was identified Umar Rashid Dutt. A security guard at the club saw a man covered in blood sitting in a car and called 911 to inform the incident. The stabbing was reported shortly before 7:30 p.m. at 625 N. Carriage Parkway, near Central and Edgemoor. Dutt’s bond was set to $1 million Thursday afternoon.
According to Wichita police Lt. Todd Ojile, "The suspect was in the business for a short time. He left and then later came back with Dr. Reddy, and they went into an office. A disturbance was heard after they went into an office. An office manager entered into the office and tried to stop the assault after he observed the suspect attacking Dr. Reddy."
"The suspect then chased Dr. Reddy out of the business, where he caught up with him in the alley behind the business where we believe a second assault occurred."
Telugu community in Wichita mourn the loss of Dr Achutha Reddy. 

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