Another Risk Factor? Lockdown until May 23rd?

17 April 2020

As of now India has been lockdown until the 3rd of May. Now all the countries started worrying about something else and the experts are advising the governments in various countries to extend the shutdown until the 24th of May. The reason is the Month of Ramadan is in our vicinity. It is beginning on April 23rd and the Muslims around the world will be totally indulged in observing the Ramadan month, gather in a large number in thousands of mosques for prayers around the Globle, consume Haleem in crowed hubs. Hence following the social distancing is going to be very touch if at all the lockdowns are relaxed in any country which has a significant Muslim population.


So, India as well, keeping the Covid threat in consideration, experts are advising the government to extend the lockdown until the end of Ramadan Month which is May 24th.


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