H-1B visa lottery system to stay

29 March 2017

With Trump administration in US, many feared that H-1B visa lottery system and the whole process of H-1B as such will be changed.  Adding fuel to this issue, 2 firms in US has challenged the lottery system followed by USCIS to determine the successful applicants for H-1B visas. As we all know most of the H1B visas goes to Indian IT Firms and Indian IT Professionals.


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The news of a US Court dismissing this plea came as a huge sigh for IT Professionals. A federal judge in Oregon gave a ruling that there will be no changes in the H1B visa lottery process atleast for now. The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) will start accepting the applications for the year 2018 from April 3rd.  With this ruling, USCIS will follow the old way of picking the applicants by lottery system.


The normal quota for h1b applicants is 65,000 under general category and 20000 to foreign student who did their masters in any US academic institution. From the past few years, the applicants applying for h1b visa is more than 4 folds on the set cap and with in 4-5 days USCIS will stop accepting the applications and will determine the 65000+ 20000 applicants by lottery system. 


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