H1B Premium Processing Resumed

19 September 2017

After almost 5 months US has resumed fast processing of H1B work visas in all categories subject to congress mandated limit five months after it suspended temporarily citing the reason of huge rush of applications for the work visa which is popular among the Indian IT Professionals.


Premium processing has a big significance especially for those who doesn't want to wait much on their application. Once a petitioner requests premium processing, USCIS guarantees a 15-day processing time.  If this 15-day processing time expires the agency refunds the service fee


This comes as a huge relief for F1 students with a pending change of status to H1B. Many students will lose their cap gap employment authorization on October 1st if the application is not processed on time.


H-1B visas are one of the most opted visas in the US that provide skilled workers from foreign countries to work in a wide range of specialty occupations, including information technology, academic research, and accounting. It is used mostly by Indian IT professionals.


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