Mass Molestation in Bangalore on New Year Eve

2 January 2017

In what could be called as a brutal incident, several women were molested who gathering with friends to welcome the new year on M G Road and Brigade Road in Bangalore.  Bangalore Police who were deployed to maintain peace and control the crowd on New Year Eve failed to project the women.  Police failed to control a mob of men from groping and yelling lewd remarks on women gathered to celebrate the New Year Eve.


Thousands of people gathered on MG Road and Bridgade Road on December 31st night.  Around 1500 police were on duty at that time. Mostly drunk, Mob started to grope the women  around and it is said that women started to run from being molested. Men who outnumbered the police were out of control and on rampage.  Almost a stampede kind of situation arised and girls were seen crying and shouting for help.


Bangalore, IT Capital of India, is struggling to provide safety for women. State Home Minister G Parameshwar said these kind of incidents are common during the new year celebrations.  No complaint has been registered yet . Police said they were going through the CCTV footages to identify the culprits. 


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