Ban on Liquor Shops on State, National Highways

16 December 2016

Supreme Court ordered a ban on the sale of Liquor on all State and National Highways. Supreme Court gave time till March 31, 2017 and said that there won’t be any renewal of licenses thereafter.


As per the latest statistics, nearly 1,500 accidents take place every day on Indian roads and over 1.75 lakh people miserably die every year in these accidents leaving their families in vein. The apathy is when a person dies in an accident due to drunk and drive, the government immediately announces Rupees, 1-2 lakh compensation to the immediate family and on the other hand encourages the liquor business for its own revenue generation and party funds. Recently the supreme court judges have pointed out, governments should give more importance to the life and safety of the people rather than revenue generation.


After listening to the numerous petitions filed against the liquor consumption, the apex court finally taken the decision to shut liquor shops on the national highways by keeping the travelers safety in mind. And as per the court’s verdict, the liquor shops must be at least 500 meters away from the highways and also no banners or boards or advertisements related to those shops are also not permitted on and around the national highways.


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