Babu Gogineni booked

27 June 2018

Babu Gogineni, more commonly called as a human activist who recently became too famous with his anti-Hindu ideology is now booked for 'sedition' and 'treason'. The complaint was filed by a person called Narayana against Babu Gogineni in Madhapur police station. He put up the file in the court requesting to remove certain provoking videos of Babu Gogineni and his objectionable speeches in the online public domain.


The complaint filed for provoking comments made by Babu Gogineni resulted in few physical attacks against a community living abroad. There are several other allegations also filed against him that are violation of  UIDAI rules by collecting Aadhaar card numbers of several  citizens including their personal details, documents and certificates, religious discrimination,passing unacceptable comments publicly on certain religious books, hurting people's religious sentiments etc.


The cases booked on Gogineni are under Sections 121, 124 (a), 153 (a), 153 (b), 406, 420, 504, 505 , 295- A, 292 , 293 of the IPC and Chapter VII -38 to 42 of the UIDAI Act.


Madhapur police are gathering information on Babu Gogineni's meetings and footages of his speeches in order to come-up with a concrete evidence to move forward. The story is still developing and more details yet to come.


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