APCRDA decides to take legal action on Maki and Associates

1 May 2017

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Government and AP Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) decided to take a legal action against Maki and Associates, which was dropped as the master architect for the construction of Capital Amaravati, claiming that the company has been spreading untrue and fabricated cooked-up misinformation”.  APCRDA commissioner Cherukuri Sreedhar, in a press release on Sunday said that Maki & Associates has been repeatedly making groundless allegations against the AP state government and the APCRDA. He added that they are doing this only to cover up its failure in presenting building designs reflecting the rich culture of Telugu people.


Earlier, Maki & Associates left a complaint to the Council of Architecture against APCRDA for removing them from the master architect posting by withdrawing from the agreement. Upon receiving the complaint from company, the association has sent a notice to the Andhra Pradesh Government few months back asking explanation over Maki’s complaint. APCRDS said that the designs provided by Maki are not original. The assembly and other construction designs are in resemblance of Thermal Power Plant Chimneys.  It’s even not possible to make any changes as they are totally different and far away from the people’s expectation and not at all in line with the Telugu culture and tradition.

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