Singer Sunitha on Divorce and Affairs

10 October 2016

Singer Sunitha has been in news recently on her interview for a leading daily giving explanation on her breakup with her husband, Kiran. She mentioned that she went through hell living with Kiran. Sunitha mentioned that her husband has the habit of betraying the people and he even took money from others using her name. She said that she waited for a long time with a hope that he will change. She went ahead and mentioned that he finally decided to part ways with her husband taking into consideration of her children’s future. Sunitha mentioned that she didn’t took divorce and said that she is living separately with her children. Sunitha said that Kiran is infact not giving her divorce when she approached him to get separated legally. She said she never told anything bad about her husband to their children and mentioned that her children knows what the true story is.

Sunitha also quashed on the rumors about her alleged affair with former MP Madhu Yashki. She said that she became an easy target for media and people and that her beauty became a curse for her. 

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