Naga Babu vs RGV : Angry Speech Vs Tweets

7 January 2017

Naga Babu blasted Ram Gopal Varma for abusing Chiranjeevi after the initial poster of Khaidi No 150 were released. Naga Babu used the Khaidi No 150 platform to attack Ram Gopal Varma. He didn’t’ took RGV name though, but said in a manner which is clearly understandable for everyone that he targeted RGV.


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Naga Babu referred RGV as Akku Pakshi and Panikimalina Sannasi. Naga Babu said that , Some people are using the names of Megastar and his family members to gain milage. Naga Babu advised that instead on uttering nonsense , it is better to him to focus on his direction.  He said that instead of teaching how Chiranjeevi should do this and that, its better to focus on his own career. You were doing good before but now you are out of form, try to regain the form.  Naga Babu said that no one can stop a hit film and no one can life a flop film. 

Ram Gopal Varma who usually tweets much in the night got tons of work after the angry speech by Nagababu. He started tweeting saying sorry to Naga Babu and he didn’t’ thought he will take it so seriously. But he immediately changed his stand in his own style and said some one hacked his account and put those tweets. Then comes , RGV’s original where he started to blast Naga Babu and his career, on his advises to his brother, Chiranjeevi. By the time of publishing this article too, RGV is seen tweeting against Nagababu. He sent a tweet to Varun Tej not to trust his father to guide him. 

Here are his tweets :


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