Nandamuri Mokshagna all set for debut

7 September 2017

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s son Nandamuri Mokshagna is all set for debut next year.  Balakrishna himself revealed that Mokshagna first film will go on floors in June 2018. Nandamuri Mokshagna is undergoing rigorous triaining in acting, dancing and fights. Although many details were not revealed, Balakrishna is personally taking care in listening stories for Mokshagna and will decide by the start of next year on the project. It is being said that Balakrishna will complete all his films by mid of next year and will personally supervise Mokshagna movie. As per inside sources, Balakrishna himself will provide screenplay for the movie.


Meanwhile, on the eve of Nandamuri Mokshagna birthday his latest picture is released. Even though it is not a photo shoot picture, Mokshagna looks like all set for take-off into movies to continue Nandamuri family legacy


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