Mega opens-up on “Acharya”

15 April 2020

Chiranjeevi’s upcoming movie, Acharya had been picked up with an immense hype across Tollywood. There had been a lot of brain storm occurred between Chiranjeevi and his son, Ram Charan about how to make this as a multi-starrer venture. At certain point of time, they were serious about making Mahesh Babu as a part of this movie. However, it did not materialize as Ram Charan himself decided to share the screen with his father as there has been a great urge from the Mega fans for this combination since a long time.


However, in the juncture of Corona virus and Covid lockdowns, Megastar has shown a liberal gesture of pleasing his fans by breaking a bit on the suspense of his future movie’s storyline. He just revealed the basic theme of “Acharya” during one of his recent “press” interactions.


Chiranjeevi revealed that he is playing a role that is similar to Tarak’s characted in “Janata Garage” movie. There, NTR appeared as a nature lover and environment protector on the screen, where in Acharya, Chiranjeevi is going to flash as a professor who fights to protect and conserve the natural resources. And, Ram Charan is going to play his disciple’s role.


 “Acharya”, Chiranjeevi plays a professor who fights for conserving the natural resources. Obviously, the film is going to be a common touch of Koratala which blends Acharya with Janata Garage.


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