H1B Visa extensions allowed

15 April 2020

A big relief for thousands of Indian IT professionals in United States of America, the US Government has decided to accept the application for an extended stay.  The notification released by USCIS (United States Citizen and Immigration Services) says that “If applicants apply with in the specified time frame , their presence will not be treated as “unlawful” and where applicable, “employment authorization with the same employer, subject to same terms and conditions of the prior approval, is automatically extended up to 240 days, when an extension of stay request is filed on time.


USICIS also reminds that petitioners and applicants that it can consider delays caused by COVID-19 while deciding whether to excuse delays in filing documents based on extraordinary circumstances.


The USICIS update is huge relief for the IT Professionals when the countries around the world are in a lock down situation and have suspended the international passenger flights across the globe. India on the other hand has extended the lock down till May 3rd.  There is a high possibility of extending the lock down with some relaxations to the industries. Indian IT Professions are the biggest beneficiaries of the H1B program.


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